Outsourcing help our clients to focus on their core activities while achieving high level of compliances. We offer services that cater to bookkeeping, year-end financial reporting, consolidation and management accounting. Moreover, we aid with invoicing of sales, receivable accounts, administration of payroll and reconciliation working.

Our services are flexible, and we quickly adapt to our client’s needs. Our staff provisions include juniors to high-end managers.

Additionally, our intervention is customized to suit client needs who come from diverse industry sectors. Consequently, our comprehensive approach sanction us to tackle routine proceedings to effortlessly deliver value in support of your business.


Transaction Services

JAA provides a complete gamut of services that involves support at all stages of the transaction. We keep in mind the uniqueness of every transaction and certitude it being one of the biggest financial events for businesses.

During the actual transaction process, we work with our clients and the entire transactional team to understand and help our clients walk through the challenging process of transactions.

IPR Services

JAA offers a comprehensive range of trademark services which include:

  • Trademark Search
  • Opinion on registration eligibility of a mark
  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications
  • Renewal of trademarks
  • Responding to office actions
  • Handling trademark opposition proceedings
  • Advice on validity of registrations
  • Trademark watch and monitoring services
  • Trademark due diligence